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It’s going to be a great year!!! I’m just starting a year-long leave to get some writing done. The year will bring a semester-long stay at the institute for advanced study (Lichtenberg-Kolleg) at Göttingen University and a stint as DREAM professor in Denmark, where I’ll have the opportunity to visit with media colleagues and students at the nation’s universities. CMS, meanwhile, is in the able hands of my colleague Jim Paradis. The program has undergone a major administrative transformation (it’s now a proper department), we’ve continued to hire, and have yet another amazing incoming class of graduate students. I’ll miss the excitement, but also look forward to the joys of confronting the blank page.

Meanwhile, the MIT Open Documentary Lab has started, and things are off to a flying start: we’ll kick the year off with several colloquia and salons focused on this new turn in documentary, with guests like Jigar Mehta, Kat Cizek and Scott MacDonald. I had the opportunity to talk about the lab’s work at the Citizen Science meetings in Utrecht and the Mobility/Creativity conference in Paris this summer. Stay tuned to the Lab’s blog for updates. The Singapore-MIT GAMBIT Game Lab was re-born as the MIT Game Lab at the end of September. We’ve learned an enormous amount over the past six years, and while sorry to lose our connection to our sister lab in Singapore, look forward to the challenges of reinvention and pursuing some long term ambitions.

upcoming lectures: “Storytelling in the New Landscape” at Between the Lines: breaking boundaries in documenting the world (London 1-3 March); “The New Arts of Documentary” at the Department of Media and Communications, Universität Hamburg (Hamburg April 9); “The Trouble With Television” at the Lichtenburg Colloquium, Göttingen Universität (Göttingen April 16); “Media Change and its Implications for the Study of Culture” at the J.F.Kennedy Institute, Freie Universität Berlin (Berlin April 25); “Television Before TV” Lichtenberg-Kolleg, Göttingen Universität (Göttingen May 25)

recent publications:
New Media Literacies: Technology and Cultural Form”; “The Recurrent, the Recombinatory and the Ephemeral”; “A Palimpsest of Place and Past: Location-based digital technologies and the performance of urban space and memory”; “The Algorithmic Turn: Photosynth, Augmented Reality and the State of the Image”, “Nella camera oscura c’e piu di quanto lo sguardo riesca a cogliere”, “European Identity as Palimpsest”, “A ‘Proper Point of View’: the panorama and some of its early media iterations” ….

recent videos:





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